Dappa can describe:
1. A person who is basically the top dog, and looks good at the same time.
2. The way someone looks.
1. Damn, ©™ is a DAPPA, look at his pimp wear!
2. I whacked on my Moschino Jeans, T and Boss watch. I was looking proper DAPPA
by ©™ October 16, 2003
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A small penis, a penis of small size. The owner of a 'dappa' is usually quite popular and good-looking, so most guys who know him are privately happy with the knowledge that he has a tiny 'dappa'
"Oh yeah, did you hear about Gertrude? She took home the captain of the footy team, turns out he has a dappa.'
by DadyC00l1 January 15, 2012
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Dappa, Dappas, Dappah like a wah.

A word commonly use to describe something as the best finest and hi-grade.
"Yes Yes Craig, You heard wha G got?"
"its the Dappas man!"

"What is the soup of the day waiter?"
"Absolute Dappa bossssss"
by badmon July 11, 2010
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A person who is acting stupid, clueless, dim, dull, foolish, irrelevant, senseless, mindless, moronic, inane, idiotic, simple, or pointless.
Boy: "Shut yo dappa ass up!"
Girl: "look at you, with your dappa lookin self"
Boy:"Shut up, dappa!"
by JBXXF June 04, 2009
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Dappa is another word for gentials or wanting to have intercourse with someone. it is almost always used in a sexual manner
I want to Dampen her Dappa!
Check Out that Dappa across the road!
by MJtron July 26, 2011
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