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The most amazing creature that is in existence! Furret is the sweeetest, funniest, and most trustworthy friend in the entire world! She is the bestest of best friends a person could have and she loves to hang out with her closest friends. She loves all kinds of chocolate and sugar. If you’re her friend, you are so lucky!!
Furret is amazing!
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An extremely annoying figure that will pull on hair and squeeze you to death. However, she is also a good friend that you can sort of rely on and is a great first grade locker mate. She is very good at braiding hair especially American girl dolls. She is very often available and loves to text you in the most inconvenient times. She is very awesome and LOOOOOOVES sugar.
Who ate all the brownies?

Oh, that was Furret!
by Daffy213 March 31, 2019
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A Pokemon from the second set(152-251) and the evolved form of Sentret. It sucks more than most of the first 151, but less than those from 252 onwards.

It is a normal type, based off of a ferret, upon which its name is a pun.
Look! Sentret is evolving
*evolving music*
Sentret evolved into Furret!
by Ronin Catholic November 02, 2007
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A Ferret (feral animal) crossed with the recently popular electronic childrens pet/toy the 'Furby'.
"Jon is a Furret."
"Look i see a wild pack of rabbid Furrets."
by Anonymous February 14, 2003
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