Clearly a cat-snake.
Person 1: Awe look at the cat-snake
Person 2: It's a ferret dumb ass!
by Skittles_Willams September 22, 2016
Cute cuddly animals usually referred to as "Furry knee-socks with eyes". They are mischievous creatures and will steal anything smelly, shiny, or just plain interesting but they always find a way to weasel their way into your heart. And they always find a way to make you laugh whether they are war dancing, running into things, or making adorable chittering noises. =D
Friend: Aw! What is that adorable creature?!

Me: That my friend, would be a ferret.

Friend: I wish I had one!
by FerretLover June 16, 2010
1. synonym for thot

2. a girl who's thick af

3. a girl whom men find attractive in a sexually attractive way, usually due to their voluptuous physique
Did you see that girl? Her ass was huge, definitely a ferret
by sexxgawd December 4, 2016
A sweet, adorable, domestic member of the weasel family who will try to kill you in your sleep.
Why is my pet ferret holding a knife behind his back?!?
by Adarsta-The-Ferret July 18, 2011
Usually thought of as an animal, Ferret is usually quiet but lurks in the shadows. Ready to ban at any moment. A really nice guy and not an e-dater.
Even Ferret agrees to Free Wilbur’s Main.
by Lakey3 July 26, 2018
A lost golf ball. Named after Clive "The Ferret" Ferris, the famous Melbage Cup Golfer.
Cripes, I've hit that one well out of bounds... mark it down as a Ferret.
by Matey October 30, 2003