In the Dream SMP (meaning Survival MultiPlayer), there was a joke created that standing on a crafting table meant to have sex, or more specifically, to give/receive a blowjob. (Search 'crafting table' for more info) Skeppy, one of the players on the Dream SMP, took that joke and extended it to include furnaces, saying that standing on a furnace was "worse." Only he knows what he truly meant, but the fandom took that to mean sex. For example, versions of the furnace jokes, instead of just receiving a blow job, the people "standing on a furnace" for each other do what you do with furnaces; you put your meat in one ;). There have also been jokes regarding enchanting tables, which is a step after that.
"George~, would you ever stand on a crafting table for me?"
George looked up at Dream's smiling face. He sighed and quietly responded,
"I would stand on a furnace for you."
Dream's smile dropped as he realized what that would entail. He quietly approached the smaller man.
"Would you now?" Dream asked, just as quietly. There's no way he could be serious. Right?
George stared back, unblinking, and then broke the eye contact. He wordlessly reached out and grabbed Dream's hand, led him to the kitchen, mined one of the stacks of furnaces down so that there was just one, and then climbed on top of it.

George smirked and stood up for a second before crouching so that their faces were level. George pulled Dream in for a kiss. After the two men severed the contact, Dream blushed profusely, climbed onto the furnace, and began to kiss his again with more fire and passion than before. One thing led to another, and Dream's dick ended up inside of George. Multiple times. And they made love in the kitchen for hours. George couldn't walk or remember his name afterwards.
by Aarvo April 6, 2021
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Man's greatest invention, and a common mispelling of Refrigerator.
Super R-E-Tarded Dog: "Duhhhh, Furnace." - While reading Refrigerator.
by S-u-p-e-r R-e-tarded D-O-G December 7, 2006
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Exceeding “fire” and “hot” furnace is used to describe those things in life that are too hot to touch.
“Yo, that n***achin meme was furnace bro.”
by FoxMcClout November 13, 2020
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An alternative venue/nightclub in Swindon UK.
Well known for being the only good place in Swindon for alternative music on a regular basis.

Has hosted some top live bands over the years and is home to the RAGE club night every Friday playing only Rock Metal and Punk all night.
The Furnace is only thing worth going to Swindon for!
by Evil_Ernie December 11, 2009
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The general term for the external and some of the internal female genetalia. All of the mons pubis, the vulva, labia and vagina ending with the cervix. So named for the heat it exudes.
I couldn't wait to see her sweet, wet furnace.
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Someone so incredibly hot and hunk-i-licious that you can't sleep in the same bed with them otherwise you will be overcome with sweat and desire.
"Oh man, I was sleeping with the furnace last night and I just had to get out of there because I was sweating so bad and I was so horny, though I couldn't possibly do it again because my coot was allready sore from his huge penis."
by Spankjob30000 January 3, 2006
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To fuck-her-in-the-ass.
Tom: "Hey did you see that girl"
Bob: "Hell yeah I'd furnace"
by mcomer87 September 6, 2012
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