A website for sharing funny pictures designed by the Great Leader (Kim Il-Sung) some time in the 1820-ies after his heroic time travel shortly before his death in 1994, the site was not revealed to the North Korean public before 1995, in an effort to prevent time paradoxes.
At the North Korean reveal of Funnyjunk in 1995, Dear Leader (Kim Jung-Il) took office as Admin of the site, vowing to keep building on the site his father and mentor had left him.
Dear Leader had the site translated into English by July 2001 and was revealed to the international community at the end of same month, its North Korean was obscured, as Dear Leader feared that being honest about the site's origins would hinder the site's growth due to Anti-DPRK biased Americans.
At the death of Dear Leader in 2011, his son DJ 4DMIN (Kim Jong-Un) took office as Admin of Funnyjunk, leading the site to great prosperity by being open about it's glorious North Korean roots and using his manly charisma and boyish charm to sway the user-base to support him and his policy of "North Korea = Best Korea".
Funnyjunk comrade #1: "Have you been on the glorious Funnyjunk today comrade?"
Funnyjunk comrade #2: "I have indeed, the post by our great DJ 4DMIN was very humorous, it shows his great intelligence and personality very much!"
Funnyjunk comrade #1: "I agree completely with you comrade and have no reason not to!"
by Lordlolland June 8, 2013
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A website that used to be hilarious, but is now overun by "newfags" who post pictures of naked bitches and cats. It makes me want to THROW A CHAIR.
Man #1: I remember when Funnyjunk was yellow.

Man #2: Yea. Dude did u check out that picture of that dumb broad with a kitten between her tits....im gonna go look at porn now.
by JohnnyPotSmoker69 September 25, 2009
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Funnyjunk is the name of a website that was created in the early 2000s as (presumably) a direct competitor to sites like Newgrounds, Something Awful, and Ebaumsworld, although this comparison would be lost on all but the most senior of the site’s oldfags. Today, the site competes with 9GAG, iFunny, and other major social media outlets that all tower over Funnyjunk in comparision.

The site’s primary function is to hold a repository of memes, dank memes, deep fried memes, and, most notably, shitposts. The site is a nexus for people to steal, remix, and share these coveted internet goods and then post them on r/funny, r/memes, or Instagram. Alternatively, one can find “wholesome memes,” which are Reddit-tier edits of animals and people being happy. There is also the news and half the site is a repository of porn.

In 2014, during the debacle following Gamergate, thousands of users were banned or removed from forums and message boards for discussing Zoe Quinn or gaming journalism at all, let alone in a critical light; even the owner of 4chan, moot, had his moderators remove any discussion off his boards. The admin of Funnyjunk, Kim Jong-un, saw this mass-exodus and capitalized on it by maintaining the site’s strict adherence to freedom of speech. In turn, this lead to an influx of politically-minded individuals, mainly those leaning to the political right. A similar case happened in 2019 on Tumblr, but for porn artists and consumers.
“The memes on funnyjunk suck.”
by Starmandx May 3, 2020
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A picture-based website aimed for the goal of purely laughing your ass off. Although some would argue that funnyjunk is now mainly reposts and "Newfags", I say that it is much better and defiantly a site worth going to. It always makes me smile. The site works kind of like this: You upload a picture, and other users can give it a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. The picture with the most thumbs up gets to the top (or the frontpage). For those of you who disagree, fuck you you trolls. Funnyjunk is home and you know it!
Person 1: "Ive never lol'd and fapped at the same time!"

Person 2: "Check out the funnyjunk NSFW section! Its full of hot babes and pictures capable of making you lol at the same time!"
by Fj user: Barack August 22, 2010
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A website that, contrary to the name, is all junk. It is riddled with prepubescent, pretentious, homophobic, misogynistic, fascist boys. They praise cats (they haven't been funny for the past 8 years), Freddie Mercury (though none of them have ever heard Queen outside of their Greatest Hits), Pokemon (even though everyone on the website was born post 2000) and memes that have been dead for years. They often try to start fights with websites, such as 4chan, Tumblr, and Reddit, because they feel like they are the kings of the internet and they believe that they created all the shitty, dead memes on their website.

You can tell if someone goes on funnyjunk if:
-They are under the age of 13
-They are playing pokemon, listening to Queen's Greatest Hits, wearing a shirt with nyan cat or bacon, or are watching My Little Pony
-They spew out memes constantly IRL, ranging from (but not limited to): Me gusta, U mad?, I troll you!, Poker Face, and My mind is full of fuck
-They are always the first to throw insults and only seem to know words like faggot and gay
Typical FJ user: hey dude XDXD did u see the front page of funnyjunk today?
Typical person: You mean that website that blows and is never funny? No.
Typical FJ user: F*CK U FAGGOT U R GAY U FAG
by kiljoy96 October 17, 2011
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A website for prepubescent boys who try to make themselves feel important by posting insults for already stupid topics. Oh and for posting compilations too.
Child: "Justin Bieber is a fag and Twilight is stupid!"

The Entire Planet: "True and?"

Child: "and I'm cool because I posted it on a lame website just like a bunch of other homos on Funnyjunk."
by Smitty0507 April 17, 2010
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An awesome website where users post entertaining content. It has its own culture, which is a sort of minority on the internet compared to other websites like 4chan or Reddit, but its users are mostly loyal to the site, despite large amounts of reposts.
I needed something to do for an hour, so I went to FunnyJunk. That was five hours ago. I can't leave.
by PatronSaintofMe October 6, 2011
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