An all-female party where sex toys are exhibited and sampled. Usually, these parties are held by sales agents trying to market sex toy products to their friends and acquaintances, but many are held for purely sexual reasons where no sales transactions take place. Women will often have sex with each other at these parties.
Angie held a fun party for all of her closest girlfriends and sold over $1,000 worth of sex toys.
by DebbieDanger April 28, 2009
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The single most extreme death metal band of all time. Demonic to the point where if you even hear them play live a giant gaping hole will form in the ground and take all the listeners to eternally suffer in the pits of hell. With White Ice on the guitar and Solomon Edibeesee as the lead vocalist (and many other useless band members who arn't near as demonic), shoelace frenzy super fun party team has managed to create many fan favorites such as "The smelter this metal", "Chocolat monopoly", "Eastern death smash", "Chamberling", and "Tiger fetus pipe", which are all so devistatingly extreme that even muttering the lyrics could turn you into a flesh eating hell angel.
I once decided to listen to a shoelace frenzy super fun party team and woke up the next morning in hell being analy raped by lawnmowers.
by White Ice March 25, 2004
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white ice pretty much has it, with songs like "Citroslip Copywrite" and "Narcalepsy" they have managed to literally raise hell and are forced to play in the deepest,most deserted "hell barrens" on the earth. With Guitar solo's that make you shed your clothes and castrate yourself and vocals hideously possesed by Lucifer himself SHOELACE FRENZY SUPER FUN PARTY TEAM are the true representatives of Hell and beyond.
by Solomon Adebisi May 12, 2004
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A sarcastic phrase used to point out someone's pessimism or inability to enjoy positive situations.
Will: Although I congratulate Joel Comm's success, I want everyone else to realize that this will never happen to you and you will probably die poor and alone.

Me: You must be fun at parties.
by Ares Gunther December 29, 2008
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A sentnce that can be used when not at or at a party. It means something that's got to suck
"Hey man i just raped by a panda"
"Well thats no fun at a party"
by Hunter williams July 26, 2009
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A retort signifying one of two scenarios based on context and speaker:

(1) A dejected loser who initially engaged in debate has ventured out of their depth, and now attempts to break for the intellectual fire-escape by using a phrase he himself has been the recipient of previously. This dejected loser will return to his parents' basement and continue to research the topic at issue in an attempt to prepare for the imminent rematch for which no one requested.

(2) A virgin, loser has attempted to engage a total Chad, who has not one solitary fuck to give, because this Chad is concerned with the important things in life like: partying, recreational drug abuse, and disrespecting women. The Chad uses the ironic retort, and with good authority. This Chad is the fiesta and everyone knows it. The dejected loser will return to his parents' basement and cry.
Virgin Loser:" . . . and that is why the Flash would kill the Hulk everytime they fought. Honestly, it's embarrassing you even thought he stood a chance."

Defeated Virgin Loser: *visibly sweating and mentally panicking* "Pssshh. Yeah. Pssshhh. Right. W-w-well, I bet. . . I bet you're fun at parties!"

Virgin Loser: "Chad why do you like Skrillex. He's not even a real musician, like Megadeath or Anthrax. I mean, can Skrillex even play guitar, much less shred like James Hetfield/Buckethead/Steve Vai/..."

Chad: *never breaking eye contact with the captain of the cheer team* "I bet you're fun at parties."
by PalpatineDidNothingWrong March 15, 2021
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