dude, that new movie's the pits, huh??
by JoHn February 17, 2004
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the ultimate in suckiness. The scrapings from the barrel.
Who cares about Britney Spears getting divorced again? Her music is the pits!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 8, 2006
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a place or situation that is lousy, boring, loathsome etc (from armpits)
That store is the pits.
by The Return of Light Joker December 20, 2007
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When a surfer/ sponger/ skimmer gets barreled in a wave.

Alternate: Getting drunk
Aw brah its just like, you just get the best barrels ever dude. you come in and get spit righttt out. just drop in and smack the lip, wah BAH, just drop back in like BAHHHH, just ride the barrel and get pitted, sooo pitted like THAT.

Alternate: We got super pitted at Jimmy's house last night
by A Jay September 5, 2007
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1. To lose to a lesser opponent 2. To lose at the end of a sporting event in a rather peculiar fashion. 3. To find a way to lose while winning.
The Panthers are winning to start the 4th quarter, I hope they don't end up PITTing at the end.
by Big Nick Digger October 27, 2015
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Also known as the front-ensemble. Usually most talented in band. Brings color and warmth to music in marching band/drum corps. Usually related to drumline. Section that gets most crap for not having to march but yet takes most skill, technique, and practicing.
Dude the pit is rockin' it out there.

The pit has a ridiculous four mallet solo!
by OldSchoolDrummin15 December 18, 2008
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"Dirty" or "Muddy". Of North Eastern English origin, likely related to the the dirty coal mines or "Pits" that were found there in industrial England.
"I've got mud all over my trousers I'm pitted"
by Blooplestiltskin March 18, 2019
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