The action of inserting one of the index fingers into either nostril, and clearing out residue in the nose called a booger.

Even though most of us would say EW if we saw it in public, everybody does it...everybody.

How do people keep their nostril's clear everyday? Blowing their noses? I don't think so.
Matt: YUCK! Stop nose picking! That's gross!

Josh: Why? You do it everyday in your car after school.

Matt: Eh, true.
by Latiosandeons February 5, 2009
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Masturbation of the nose.

You can pick it for hours just to get out some very tough and stuck snots. Once it comes out you feel euphoric and very relieved.
I was doing some nose picking my nose very hard the other day that I got out tons of boogers, felt so damn good.
by nosepickin' May 31, 2011
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Verb: To pick your nose, to clear of boogers. Usually when blowing with a tissue fails.
Technical: Manual mucus extraction via the index extremity.
1. Picking your nose is no different than wiping "gookies" from your eyes when you wake up. Boogers are made up of tears that drained from the eyes via the sinuses mixed with saliva from the mouth and a small amount of mucus from the nasal cavity adnoids which hardens into a booger. This means, nose picking is technically just as disgusting as kissing, spitting or crying.
by boogieman88422 August 20, 2007
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To take your index finger and gently place it up a nostril and pull out a booger, then some flick them or preferably eat them.
Rachel P. has a horrible habit of nose picking and doesn't know when to stop. She also enjoys eating them while putting in her miracle ear.
by Tom_and_Jamie March 28, 2007
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Tasty right? if you have ever done this and ate it after thats compleatly normal if your 0-2 years old
"I love picking noses"
by slayamazingqueenatpurryas January 5, 2023
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Close enough to something or someone that you could pick that thing's nose with little effort, typically used in exaggeration.
I'm in nose picking distance of the house.
by ThereAren'tAnyNamesLeft January 6, 2018
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