To split a woman in two coz you fucked her so hard
I fucken gave that bitch full force cock goodness.
by 6sic6 August 10, 2003
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He ran and, with full force, slammed his opponent through the brick wall he had rested on.
by Dark One August 11, 2003
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1. With maximum power
2. Hardest, fastest, strongest, etc...
1."We got assigned a paper in English, so I went at it full force and did it the first night."
2.The general planned a full force attack and sent all his troops on one bombardment.
by Chicken Butt August 11, 2003
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a powerful thrust, or hit, or application, to make energy or power.
1.) Man, i drilled her muffin full force!
2.) Dude, took a full force hit off the tokemaster!
3.) Yeah man, i applied his face full force with my fist.
4.) Alright dude, lets open these scooters up full force and get the dirty hell outta here!!!!
by woody August 11, 2003
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When the sun is out and practically fucking you hard in the ass cos it's so damn hot.
Damn look at Melanie getting full force 9000'd...reminds me of Saturday night.
by I'm Ron Burgandy? April 15, 2011
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Full Force Glen Assault -noun
1. When you are unknowingly assaulted by unsavory people, which leads to a undesirable situation.
Bob: Phil, you didn't tell me this party was going to have all these unsavory people at it! I canceled all my plans to come here!

Phil: Sorry Bob! This party is a real disgusting place, I agree. If I never have to come in contact with any of these people again it'll be okay with me.

Bob: Yeah Phil... this party was a Full Force Glen Assault.
by BigChud69SoFine July 11, 2008
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