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Something to say when you are angry, you can use it anywhere you would use fuck.

Person 1: Dude we have 2 essays due for Humanities tomorrow
Person 2: Fuckdicks!
by sofuckinpissed April 09, 2009
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expression; often used after feelings of excitement or anguish
eg 1: fuck dicks Milton! Thats a large ghoststbusters t shirt, where did you get that from?

eg 2:"meine shloss hat eine grosse leak"
"fuch dickshlongenrr!"
"iich bin bien, mein unklewinkel gerfixt es"
"fuch dickschlongenerr, danke mein bestes beefjerky" ...said Barry to his sister
by weblin September 05, 2008
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a) someone that is dumb enough to be an asstard and exhibits qualities of an asshole like nature.
1)When one of your roomates drinks the last beer in the fridge, and chugs it in front of you, laughing diabolically, while (he/she)finishes with a beltch
2)When you are driving and someone pulls out in front of you, causing you to slam on the brakes and blow the horn, as well as possibly causing you to exert excess energy to raise you third phalange (your middle, or "fuck-you" finger)

In both instances you think "fuck, what an asstard...this dick needs to fuck off," thus making the asstard a "fuck dick"
by parker December 29, 2003
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girl #1: don't you just love anal
girl #2: no! I'm not a fuck dick
girl #1 loves anal and is a fuckdick
by Caption12yearOld June 01, 2018
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