2 definitions by nbild

"Whenever I step outside the house I keep that glockie on me" from Diamonds Dancing by Drake feat. Future
by nbild March 9, 2016
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A guy who just wants to fuck. He is not apologtic, nor does he respect the money, time, or feelings of others. He does not deduce whether his action may or may not be at the expense of his fwbs or significant others. May come off as shady, confused, lost, crazy, and then you realize he's a waste of your time. In reality, they may be a loser with serious issues that no one is truly fond of, and those who do hook up with him may not want to see his face again.
"That fuckboi told me to drive to the other side of town to sleep with him, and after I drove 35 miles texted me and told me he had a family emergency. Wtf?"
by nbild March 17, 2015
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