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FuckTime is the go-to method for sexual relations when two parties are not in the same vicinity. "FaceTime" is commonly used for seeing family and friends, whereas "FuckTime" is an extension of an intimate sexual relationship, going on-line, in an effort to simulate what might be happening in person, otherwise. A highly effective alternative to Face to Face interactions. Does the job under the difficult long distance circumstances.
Hi babydoll, I'm at my parent's but I think I can FuckTime...

For sure, lock the door, time to FuckTime!

Why did you have to leave town? Thank God for FuckTime! It's actually super hot!

So nice!
by Fun&Nice September 17, 2016
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when you use the face time application on a smart phone for a sexual nature.
guy: hey wanna fuck time tonight.

girl: sure but i need to go to a place with wifi
by louicifer December 28, 2010
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