The day where every time you see your girlfriend you have to kiss her on the lips, it doesn’t matter where you are. It’s better if it’s in front of people because it shows that you care about her and are not ashamed to be with her.

If you don’t do this then your girlfriend has to break up with you
The 19th of November is the best day to kiss your gf at school
by TeaganJ November 18, 2019
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Ella’s birthday. No one ever celebrates or gives her presents. Ella is a loner. Ella is stupid.
Person 1: ew look, it’s 19th November, Ella’s birthday.

Person 2: ew.
by written anonymously. November 01, 2020
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Ellie’s birthday. Don’t celebrate. Throw her off a cliff. Ellie is stupid. Ellie is a loner.
19th November is a stupid birthday
by burgundy_red November 05, 2020
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Throw people named daisy,
Thrown, trip, kick, pinch, punch people named daisy, do whatever you want on this day because theyre name is daisy
Person1: Oi daisy, guess what day it is
Daisy: what day
Person1: 19th november
Daisy: oh no... pls dont
by Bshdjdjjfbdnc September 16, 2020
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