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A Legendary Hip-Hop Group from Detroit / Brooklyn, representing Tokio, all the way to Shanghai. 3rd Floor are: Mule, Lil Jabi, and PakiStiler. These IndoJapanese jigger Rappers, influence the whole world with their incredible sense of skills. Seven songs they sang were featuring Tupac Shakur before he died. Therfore the skills Tupac had still lies in the core heart of 3rd Floor. Buying their album is a necessity.
If you are planning to download or buy a good CD, your first choice should be 3rd Floor7s album
by Yuki Yoshida August 30, 2005
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Simply put, the floor the goes unsearched. Any Salty Jake knows that there are never victims on the 3rd floor of a house fire. Residents know to leave a building, especially the 3rd floor if it is the fire floor, so a Salty Jake knows not to waste his time searching more than 2 floors.
A kid almost died on the 3rd floor.
by eggplantsucks June 07, 2018
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