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A sarcastic exclamation by someone who has said or done something unpopular, expressing exasperation with the fact that this opinion or action is frowned upon by the general public.
Jill: "So are you going to vote Republican or Democrat?"
Stan: "I don't like either party's nominee, so I was thinking of voting third party."
Jill: "You'd just throw your vote away?"
Stan: "Yeah, I only vote for candidates I like. Fuck me right?"
by TBSchemer November 22, 2015
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A Phrase used when you are feeling like an idiot for saying something, or someone gives you shit for something.
"Karla"- Hey matt, why didnt you go to class this morning there was a test?"
"Matt"- Fuck me Right?

Adam-"Matt Why didnt you drink last night, you could of gotten laid easily?

Matt-"Fuck me right?"

Fuck me right is a rossy saying.

by Matt Feichtinger October 29, 2007
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Became popular in the 2007 movie SuperBad. This Phrase is used when you are feeling disrespected or if you come up short on luck.
Example 1:

Evan - "Hey is this the line for the bathroom?"

Chick - "What the fuck does it look like.."

Evan - "Ohh yea.. Fuck Me right"

Example 2:

Student 1 - "Excuse Me Mrs. Teacher May i use the bathroom?"

Teacher - "No, you've been disrespectful today"

Student 2 - "Could I go to the Bathroom?"

Teacher - "Sure"

Student 1 - "FUCK ME RIGHT.."

by Superbad2009 April 14, 2009
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