Something you hit a bad person over the head with.
Hey you: see my frying pan? whack! now you've seen it! goodbye!
by loveblue92 April 12, 2012
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A cooking item that old ladies hit criminals with.
The 90 year old woman that was being robbed hit the robber with a frying pan, knocking him out cold.
by Mickpurple20 April 29, 2012
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"You see that girl over there? yeah, she's a frying pan."
by mechanicalangel November 4, 2011
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-Good looking woman, but no ass.
-Flat ass.
Yo, fam she got the frying pan goin on dawg.
Aye, look frying pan!
by jarles September 5, 2007
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A man that struggles to come to terms with his own levels of madness , cant really see how crazy his acts are , often goes through spells of " trying " to be normall , theese spells can be reffered to as a " quest to be normal " theese quest allways end , usually in chaos , e.g running around a ferry naked and setting the alarms of on a trip to amsterdam and failing top get erect when meeting hookers . refuses to take drugs such as methedrone a.k.a mkat, meth , ect but is happy to take ketamine a.k.a special K , ket .. frying pans usually carry around packs of ham to events such as football matches and whilst other people around frying pans will be tucking into normal football snacks such as pies , beer , ect frying pans will feast on a " pack of ham " . frying pans also mostly have huge levels of insanity in which most cases it is considered uncureable , or incureable , this is sometimes known as I.I..
frying pans often find themselfs on the wrong side of the law and are in constant battle with the southyorkshire police , for instance a young frying pan would take part in grand theft auto by maybe stealing his dads care and crashing it into a parked car just for the " crack " also getting stopped by the police in a car on the motorway wth his friend " big feet ".
big feet " th do you know where frying pan is " ?

T.H " no G, ask dirk "

big feet " dirk do you know where frying pan is " ?

dirk " he int comming out , he`s on a quest to be normal"

big feet " what ? thats making him more insane"

T.H " clinically insane mate "

grainger " uncureable "

everybody " hahahahah frying pans clinically insane "
by swfcGman April 13, 2011
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*other person breaks out in hysterics*
by Edmund Townend October 8, 2005
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