in Arabic actually means "prostitute" and "good fucker". but can also be used in english as a verb or noun.
damn i bet that chick is an amazing grainger!

she looks like a complete grainger!
by the best grainger September 10, 2009
A state of inebriation usually only experienced by hardened drinkers. often occurring at Lunchtime while you are supposed to be in a meeting with your boss. People who are Graingered often loose control of their bodily functions, and have to spend prolonged periods of time asleep in lavatories. The true Grainger, when ordered home by management will normally wake up in the pub toilet when the manager is trying to close up.
Nick: Dave, where were you yesterday at 4:00?
Dave, sorry boss, I was Graingered
by Grave Danger May 20, 2009
Any pot bellied heavy set wild haired welsh back row that comes back from pre season 4 stone overweight and is willing to do the ironing for chocolate biscuits during pre season fat club
" look at the state of that, a proper Grainger".
by Shaggy Carter May 28, 2009
Any partisan discussion involving Hillary Clinton will eventually include discredited claims related to Benghazi despite 8 Republican House Congressional investigations that found zero wrongdoing.
Jane Doe you voted for her. We all know you were easily able to dismiss her lies, deceptiveness, and incompetence of Benghazi where several Americans were killed.

John Doe can't we have one conversation where you do not evoke Grainger's Law to circumvent the topic at hand?!?
by MadisongG January 21, 2017
She is sometimes bossy but is smexy at the same times and she moans a lot about things but she is sometimes kind as well and she is sometimes known as a turtle 🐢🐢
by Me and meatball January 22, 2018