An urban word used to describe any kind of jewerly that is set with multiple color gemstones or one vibrant, stand out or unusual color gemstone.

The usage of the word for this reason has been made popualr by such East Atlanta based rap artists including Radric Davis AKA Gucci Mane (CEO of So Icy ENT.), Otis Williams Jr. AKA OJ Da Juice Man and also varous other rap artists signed to the rap label So Icy ENT.
Proclaimaton- Ay yo! I got dem stupid fruity colors in my jacob son.

Question- You got that fruity shit in yo chain too?

Statement- This fruity chain round my neck, cost me a couple bricks. do the math the price is good for deuces on a 36.
by J-Dub-C-87 Get@me September 02, 2009
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1:not sour;very juicy

2:a queer;gay
1:the candy taste very fruity

2:you seen that dude over there,he look kind of fuity
by bunnygirl08 July 10, 2004
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A person or action that is extremely homosexual.
1.Bob and Jim enjoyed doing fruity activities together such as picnics in the park and combing each other's hair.

2. Tim likes to blow Bob, he's so fruity.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
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Jacob: hey did you like my party

aemma: yeah yeah totally it was fruity
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by aemma August 05, 2020
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