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Condensed term for Fanny Rubbing, the female form of arse kissing. Usually found in internet forums.
Bec: "You always have something intelligent and witty to say Nikki."
Nikki: "Why thanks Bec, you are so kind and lovely."
Ems: "Stop frubbing, bitches, you're making the room smell!"
by NikkiEtonMess June 28, 2011
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Frub: A mix of Nub and Frow, particularly used when someone "pulls a frow and fucks everything up".
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Frub is a derogatory word used to describe a repulsive female. It is an acronym for Fat Retarded Ugly Bitch.
The girl over there is a frub. She looks like a rat.
by vmbza May 25, 2007
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an uncommonly used expression referring to an object or subject of little to no worth; also a bubbly substitute for crap or shit. Origen- the Davemiester, Malden MASS
"The song we sang about Dave is such a piece of frub."
by Rich February 24, 2005
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