Erect nipples, caused by contact with cold substances or air.
I took my girlfriend snowboarding and I could see her fripples poking through her jacket
by Superdooperthanks September 9, 2003
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When it's so cold that your nipples get really hard like they're frozen. So hard that they poke through your clothes.
OMG It's so cold today that Farima has fripples.
by GP_Oz January 29, 2010
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Someone whose nipples look like they need reuniting, they're typically so far apart from each other that they could easily pass for a pair of frogs eyes.

Fripples can be found on both men and women. To qualify for fripples, the chest must lack definition.
"Wow, check out your fripples."

(Whilst on the beach) "Check out the guy over there, he's got a moose knuckle and fripples, tragic!"
by Crackingice October 9, 2013
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A fake cripple. Usually seen in wheelchairs/motorized scooters. These people are seen using objects meant solely for handicapped people, and they themselves are not handicapped. The reason for them choosing to use these objects are not entirely known and may vary, but usually it just pisses off everyone who is around them.
Friend #1: "Did you see the fripple in the wheelchair?"
Friend #2: "Yeah, she kicked me!"
by Johnny Cockrin January 24, 2010
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After taking a fair dose of ketamine on an MDMA comedown one will start to fripple.
To fripple is to feel like you are about to enter a different dimension hop after snorting ket on an mdma comedown.

For example: you g im frippling bro im going to the dimensions again
by Frippler January 26, 2021
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What one's nipples become when it is very cold outside. From the conjunction of "freezing nipples".
It is so cold out here that my fripples could cut glass.
by 420bum October 28, 2002
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