like fripples (frozen nipples) but a frozen willy instead (willy =dick)
man 1 says: its collld out here bruh
man 2: got a bit of a frilly!
by frilly.oner June 16, 2011
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The little frills at the end of the notebook when you tear out the page
Teacher: If there is any frillies on the page, you will lose points
Students: Okay!
by Row Row, Fight the Power February 11, 2014
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A frilly usually has stupid hair.
The god all of emo.
by bert March 29, 2004
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"Stop with that frilly shit" "Tf why u being so frilly" "Damn you're acting hella frilly"
by Kehlani June 14, 2016
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For real.
Derivation from: for real>for rilly>fo rilly>frilly
Fernando: Is it true you are a fully sick DJ?
Habib: Frilly!
by dunk November 10, 2003
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