A misspelling of really. Often done on accident by idiots, it may be used on purpose in mockery or sarcasm.
Guy1: Hey, my name is Guy1 or other similarly obvious statement
Guy2: OH RILLY??
by flatulent fred October 12, 2004
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instead of saying really people put rilly
as in rilly gay
lolz0rz taht waz rilly funi haha
w0w taht joek waz amayzingz
by streetisbest July 29, 2003
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Rilly! is an emphatic term used when something is really, REALLY good (or awful, wonderful, cute, obnoxious, etc.)
Susan was rilly! upset when she found out her younger sister was putting the moves on her boyfriend behind her back!
by beansforbreakfast August 3, 2022
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A slim thiqq queen and a pancake mix as a couple
Rillie started quooking
by Shallisa May 7, 2019
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1) this is the automated response to anything someone says that you don't care to hear, often as a way to pacify the speaker. The words "Oh really" run together in a sing-song fashion, to create one sound, "ah-rilly"

2) a sarcastic response to any statement to show disinterest to the speaker and frustrate them with obviously false excitement about the statement. Often followed by restating their words in question form with "then or.." at the end
1) Girl: So I have this crazy friend, he's so funny. You'd love him, his name is Nate, but we all call him "Middle Bee."

Guy: Ah-rilly.

2) Douche-Bro: Dude did you see when I rolled past that all those fine bishes were staring at me?

Dude-bro: Ah-rilly? Did they stare at you then or...?

Douche-Bro: yeah dude, it was crazy bro!

Dude-bro: Aaah- Ah-rilly? Was it crazy then or...?

Douche-Bro: (sad look after realizing he's been mocked)

*As seen in MTV's I USED TO BE FAT with Trainer Joey
by TrainerJoeyMTV July 21, 2011
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an expression used by old men to show their anger towards young football players
Coach: Josiah, get your ding dong rilly rally up in there!
by Black forest ham October 26, 2017
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An abbreviation of being one million percent sure of something.
Mike: Hey bro you going to that party tonight?
Chad: Milly Rilly bruh.
by Jimmyfromdastreets May 6, 2022
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