A term used by women when they reject your romantic advancements. Both men and women can find themselves "friendzoned" due to the fact they did not make their original intentions known. Men and women can strictly be friends only under certain circumstances; ie: no attraction, childhood friends, both are in a relationship, etc. People that find themselves in the Friend Zone only have themselves to blame, make your intentions known at the very beginning or the other person will think you are only interested in a platonic friendship. Being the nice guy and never making a move will never work, and will always reserve yourself a comfortable purple loveless sofa in the Friend Zone.

From personal experience, being friends first does not work! Do not confuse being friends with being friendly! Let me clarify further, obviously if you treat the person like total utter crap and they have self worth they will not date you. If you treat the person like a sibling then they will immediately Friend Zone you to oblivion and beyond. Make your romantic intentions known as early as possible!

I will use an example of how I got friendzoned and handled the situation, NEVER put yourself in this situation in the first place! It's a horrible place to be in!
Chris: I want to be more than friends

Katie: If you told me this months ago, it would have been different. But I only see you as a friend
Chris: Fuck the Friend Zone
Chris: Get back to me once you change your mind
by guywithtaste September 08, 2016
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The terrible place that all the guys who are too pussy to ask girls out go.
Guy 1: "Dude, Alex has to ask that girl out or else he's gonna get friendzoned"

Guy 2: "I know bro, that kid has no balls."
by darealjesus January 20, 2015
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Friendzone: Pronounced FREHND-zown
The Friendzone is a relationship where one (usually the male) is pursuing sexual interest towards the female, who insists on a non-sexual relationship.
To be friend zoned: (Verb) When a male is told by the female that she is not interested in sexual activity and never was; this usually brings devastating and heartbreaking results to the male; who was in the relationship just for the hope of getting laid.
Aw man, she totally friendzoned you! No sex tonight!

Yeah, I put him in the Friendzone because he was fantasizing us having sex or whateves, I don't know, he just made it more than it ever was.
by Miss Anonymous Jane Doe February 18, 2017
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{verb}: The act of imprisoning someone, commonly a male, in a self-destructive pocket dimension established once they have feelings for someone, commonly a female, who refuses to show reciprocate those feelings and instead imprisons them in the friendzone.

{noun} The friendzone is a self-destructive pocket dimension that is usually created and the parameters are established by the power vested in females by the guys who usually end up getting stuck there. Escaping the friendzone pocket dimension is a rare phenomenon that is only witnessed in novels, comics, tv shows, cartoons, and movies.

Here is a way guys are usually imprisoned in the friendzone.
Guy: I love you
Girl: Let's just be friends.
{Verb}: Dawn friendzoned Ryan.
Dawn plans to friendzone Ryan.

{noun} Ryan is going to the friendzone.
He is in the friendzone.
The friendzone sucks.
Jason, Dolu, and Tiwa have all been to the friendzone.
by TheBigJorddann May 06, 2018
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The aptly names FriendZone is a place in girls hearts where she puts people, mostly close friends ranging of any age, sexuality, or gender Identity, she does not plan on pursuing as a relationship partner because you two are to close. If you believe you have been friendzoned unfairly why not go sit in the corner and think about your life such as:


and/or have been diagnosed with Nice Guy Syndrome
I'm in the FriendZone but that's okay because I appreciate your friendship.
by Screaming Cactus May 31, 2018
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The Alcatraz of one’s love life. Very few people have escaped
All men try their hardest to avoid the dangerous friendzone.
by Word from the wise May 30, 2018
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the space/pause between boy friend and girl friend is the friend "zone"; classifying you only as a friend that is a guy or a friend that is a girl, nothing more.
Friend 1 : omg you and Bob act like y'all dating
Friend 2: NAHHHHHH, he's just my boy_friend.
Friend 1: ouch you friend zoned him
by chicken pen15 July 09, 2016
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