A man tucks his balls between his legs. The woman then licks his balls while he farts in her face.
Jake: Nikki doesn't like sea food, but she sure loves fried fish!
by Slasher Knight July 13, 2009
When a female gives a male a lap dance on his face. Shortly after said "Face Dance" is given, he inserts his head into the vagina or anus depending on preference. After his head is fully inserted into the orifice, the female announces that she has herpes (Disease may vary). The female must keep the male inside of her for as long as possible
That bitch gave me fried fish.

I'm going to fry fish tonight
by kananakook May 30, 2009
A more hardcore version of fried fish, deep fried fish includes a man tucking his balls between his legs. The woman proceeds to lick his balls, and the man shits on her face. The woman may also vomit on his ass.
Tommy gave Greta a huge helping of deep fried fish, and she cried.
by Slasher Knight July 13, 2009
When someone you meet on a dating app says they are fit and active and shows you skinny pics. When you meet them they turn out to be fat (cat fished).

If you date them anyway and they make your life a living hell and 6 months later you look in the mirror and realized they made you fat too, then my friend, you have just been "Fish Fried"
by Capt'nObvious August 23, 2017
A scammer based out of “San Diego” who trolls insta and telegram selling fake shit to dumb people. Uses a fake shipping company and is quick to act offended. Avoid like the plague.
Fried fish exotics talks a good game but is one hell of a scammer
by Drpoonrx August 6, 2022
A fake drug marketplace that claims to be based out of San Diego. They have a feed on telegram and insta and talk a good game but they do not deliver and use a fake shipping company and bogus tracking info.
Fried fish exotics fucked me out of 1200 for a pound of blueberry kush. Fuck these scammers
by Drpoonrx August 7, 2022