A.K.A "see food" when a person is eating and opens up their mouth to show another person what's inside as a joke.
person 1:"do you like sea food?"
person 2:"yeah!"

*person 1 opens mouth*
person 2: "ewwwww!!"
by mckishyboo August 7, 2010
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Is a term referring to pubic lice aka "crabs"
"You gave me a sea food boil!" Orlin screams at Nickacado, "YOU GAVE ME A SEA FOOD BOIL!!!" Orlin exclaimed in pain slapping Nick's arm as the overgrown man-child smears cake on the wall.
by Clayton Astly August 13, 2021
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While having anal or doggy style sex with a girl, enjoying a lobster or other various seafood off the flat of the girl's back.
I've had my fair share of sea-food in the past, but just had the best sea-food dinner with your mom in my life.
by Tyler McDade April 9, 2007
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One who truly enjoys eating pussy; i.e. cunnilingus. Derived from pussy translating to fish box. See also fish eater.
Male #1: "Have you ever eaten pussy?"

Male #2: "Have I? Shit, my diet practically consist of fish."

Male #1: "Damn, I didn't know you're a sea food lover."
by speaks4 January 26, 2008
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N. The anal secretions of small dogs often smelling like Fish bait or Chum. Fucking Gross!!
God Damn dog scooted her ass on the blanket and it smells like Sea Food Salad.. Fuck!!
by C.A. November 13, 2006
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A type of diet that most fat people adhere to "the see food diet". When they see food they eat it!

This can be very misleading as it sound like quite a healthy low fat diet until you realize that sea doesn't mean sea (water) but seeing.
Gay Fat John: I'm going on the Sea Food Diet Dave!

Gay Dave: Oh John baby I can't wait 'til you lose weight.

Gay Fat John: Oh Dave you silly sausage, I don't mean Sea Food I mean if I see some food I'm going to eat it! It's similar to the see cock diet, but I don't mean cock (male chicken) I mean the other type of cock because I'm a gay boy.

Gay Dave: Ok John but I wish you'd lose some weight I'm sick of sucking you off, your sweat smells like a mixture between cheese and lard.

Gay Fat John: That's because I don't actually have blood anymore it's just a mixture of loads of different fats, cocoa fat, lard, bacon fat, vegetable oil, butter and cheese fat. It's the fat gay blokes way because all these fats and oils makes a good lube for gay butt sex.

Gay Dave: Oh I suppose you're right, you're always lubed up quite well, that must be why. You must save $$$'s on KY Jelly. WELL DONE!

Gay Fat John: Shut up and bang my bum hole!
by Karl "The K Man" Pilkington January 27, 2008
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To check if a vagina owner has fish smelling genitalia.
Ben: "I did a rotten sea food check last night it stank!"

Simon: "So did I! But mine didn't smell at all it smelt amazing..."
by SexyLukey22 June 28, 2014
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