Greta is....god there are no words to describe how amazing she is. She is very cute, very stubborn, short tempered and a little psycho. Greta is also sweet, kind, soft hearted, crazy and outgoing. Greta tends to be hyper and annoying at times, cute, sweet, kind and helpful at times, but then there is Greta’s bad side...she is psycho, crazy, and a total bitch. Trust me you don't want to get on Greta’s bad side. Greta is a fun person to date. She has many different personalities but in a good way. Everyone wants to date an Greta. She will brighten your day. Greta also is very sexy, although she usually dresses lazily, when she tries it's amazing, there are no words to describe it. If you get a good Greta, in a relationship, she will give you her everything. Once she gets attached to you, she is attached to you, well probably for life
Greta is amazing

Greta is so cool

Greta is so fun to hang out with
by Bhadbhabie 100 May 4, 2018
Greta is the best friend you could have. She says she has a ton of acne but she doesn’t. Greta is so sweet even though she can be stubborn sometimes but she always comes around. If you have a Greta keep her she is the best. She is the most beautiful,amazing,nice,enthusiastic person you will ever meet. She says she is ugly but she isn’t! So if you get a Greta keep her !!!
“Greta your the best and I love you.”
No I am not
by Yourthickysissy January 15, 2019
(n.) A classy, beautiful, well-dressed, artistic woman with a down-to-earth nature. She may or not possess physical traits of red hair, pleasant eyes, delicate bone structure, and full lips. A Greta tends to be a perfectionist, often holding herself to very high standards. This woman is very responsible, self aware, intelligent, logical, conscientious, and determined. Often guarded upon meeting new people, she is likely to assess you accurately and get to know you better if she finds you worthy of her time. Greta's tend to be kind, sensitive, caring, and loyal within close relationships.
I wish I was a Greta! Of course I'm bringing Greta home to meet my parents. Why would I want to marry her if she's not a Greta??
by W. J. Seiler February 3, 2010
Usually a Brunette and has beautiful eyes. She is very talented, athletic and artsy. Loves nature and animals. Very kind, sweet and loyal. She is average height. Made fun of but stays strong. Greta has many friends and does well in school. She is a Great secret keeper.
Greta will try her hardest and loves animals especially horses!
by Equestrian_4 April 21, 2017
Greta is...god there are no words to describe how AMAZING she is, she wasn’t born to flex and is the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. She’s basically the life of the party and will brighten up your day in seconds! Not to mention she’s super cute and really nice a Greta is the definition of someone you’d want as a best friend or a girlfriend
Greta is soo cool

Yup she looks like a Greta to me!

Damn Greta’s hot asf
by Bhadbhabie 100 November 28, 2018
A fun, stunningly beautiful, sarcastic girl. She is super nice and fiercely loyal to her closest friends. Though somewhat shy at first once she gits to know you her personality blossoms in front of you. Gretas look quiet and innocent from the outside but have a vivacious sexual appetites.
Wow! who is that?
That is Greta, the hardest and best get in the whole school.
by anne6695 June 20, 2011
Derives either from the Scandinavian version of the name Margaret (short for Greta), or the German names like Grete,Gretchen,Gretel and Gretah. Originally indicated the pearl,symbol of purity and kindness,which then came to denote the flower considered the symbol of these virtues.It could also mean,by the Finnish "Snow Queen" or,from the Gaelic,and the meaning would be "Fallen angel" or "Godsend".All the Gretas I know are the kindest and most honest people I've ever met.They're fun to be around and very witty.
Greta is my favourite person.I'd love to be with Greta right now.
by cravingknowledge December 28, 2016