Derives from the german word "Fricken" which means to fuck. shows that the "Fricke" family was deported to Australia during the 1800's due to prostitution charges. This family has been scholars, physicists, porn stars and spelunkers. Males of this family are known for their large penis's, great looks and long dancer legs. But well known for being mostly awesome.
Girl:"What's so great about being a Fricke?"
Fricke:"mostly because were awesome, oh and this.."
*unzip pants*
Girl: "damn!.... Can ... Can ...can I touch it?"
Fricke: "..... Yes"
by Michael Ventavo March 1, 2011
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What Sammyclassicsonicfan says when he's mad at people.
You fricking fricks can't be quenched!
by Theguywhatguys December 7, 2016
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Why can’t we have a sonic sequel????????!!!! Why do we have to have Sonic Sega 4?!?!?!?!
Sammyclassicsonnicfan: you fricking fricks
by Legit boizzzzzzzz June 1, 2019
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A word commonly used by nine year olds to express displeasure.
by UberEdgeLord September 28, 2015
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"Sorry sir, but this is a christian minecraft server, so no swearing."
by Mime master January 23, 2018
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a way to say fuck without getting banned from a christain minecraft server
"Oh frick, i lost all my diamonds."
by blazou August 20, 2018
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A word which will get you banned from a minecraft christian server.
Minecrafter2830234: "Oh frick, I lost all my diamonds to this noob."

AdminBoi773: "Sorry man, you can't swear on this server. I'm going to have to ban you."
by perfectxd December 27, 2019
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