a place where you may not swear
Guy 1: HECK!!
Guy 2: Sorry sir, this is a Christian server, so no swearing!
by MQGaming August 21, 2017
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A place where the swearing of ANYONE isn't tolerated, and shall not tarnish the Holy land we have been blessed with, anyone who does not obey these rule will be politely asked to leave.

Words that aren't allowed (forgive me):
Heck, Frick, Poop, A-Hole, and Darn.
Person 1: What the Frick!?
Person 2: I'm sorry sir, but this is a Christian Server, so no swearing!
Person 1: Darn
Person 2: I'm sorry sir but I will have to ask you politely, yet sternly, to leave this Christian Server because you have sworn. :(
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A meme in minecraft that you can’t even say heck, frick, etc. If you said that, you will be punished by the server moderators/admins.
In a Christian server:
A: What the heck is this 2v1!!?? This is just fricking noobs here!
Console: You have been warned for saying bad words.
A: For christian reasons that’s a joke, for christian reason that’s a joke. For serious server admins please don’t ban me that’s a joke! - ReptileLegit
by His mom is too gay for me April 27, 2019
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A place on the interwebs in which one must obey the teaching of lord lil pump and must retain from using profanity or one will face recently decided punishments.
Micheal- “This game is fricking poop”

Dylan- “No swearing on lord pump’s Christian Server. Er no go and have a bath” *kicks Micheal*
by Urmumhasgae February 23, 2018
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A rare place of God, located inside a video game platform where God is always present. Everybody prays to the Lord Jesus while living in harmony without any swearing. Can also refer to a real life encounter where a swear word is present.
by WhyMyPPsmall November 14, 2017
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A server in an online game in which rules on language are very strict. This includes:
No swearing, and sometimes no swearing substitutes.
No insulting, even as a joke.
No griefing
No fighting, be it in the chat or in-game
And anything else that triggers the owner
Person: Aw heck, my-
Server Owner: nOSwEarINg!
This is my Christian Server.
by Nein_Definition July 14, 2018
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