Hot young men/women college freshmen.
There is quite alot of freshmeat this semester, I think I'll have a taste.
by LinzBelle December 14, 2005
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1. A freshman on their way into high school. Sometimes in a more urban school if you're seen in the hallway and it's known that you're a freshmen, the upperclassmen with yell "freshmen" to freshman to exclaim that they're new, fresh, and are easy targets for bullying since they aren't as experienced around the school.

2. A new first time jail inmate who looks frail like a pussy, and are most likely to be targeted for prison rape by more threatening and homosexual inmates of the prison. Usually to show dominance, the lack of women so some men get desperate, or for threatening the victim into the promise of protection.
High Schoolers on the first day of school

Steve - Hey did you see those freshman?

Brandon - You mean the freshmeat?

Prison guys

Mark - Hey man did you see the the freshmeat?

David - Yeah, I heard Bubba already broke him in
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI August 29, 2011
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When one rant just won't do, you need...Freshmeat.

When one feeble rejoinder just won't do, you need...Freshmeat.

When your rusty bullet hole aches for action, you need...Freshmeat.

{Freshmeat is avaiable from all good stockists. Follow instructions with care!}
Freshmeat changed my life for the better. Only kidding!
by Harry Abzu July 16, 2006
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a newbie freshman who has no friends in higher ranks and is free for all to call his or her bitch. They have no opinion and do not really matter.
*first day of school*

Renee- *scoffs* Gods look at all the stupid freshmen. *snaps her fingers* FRESHMEAT Get me a soda now!

Freshmeat- but...I don't have any mon..

Renee- *slaps* Did I ask your opinion? No! Now get me my fucking soda

Freshmeat- yes ma'am
by Renai August 22, 2007
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