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Verb. fet, fetted, fetting.
1. To know someone through social media connections without ever having met in person, and without the other person necessarily knowing who you are.

Adjective. fettered.
To be in a mixed state of flattery and disgust following the admission by another person that they have fet you.

Australian. Derivative of "facebook met". (French, fete; Latin Latin fētidus)
Daz at the street lights: "Erin? Hi, we've fet before"
Erin dashing across the street when the lights change: "I'm so fucking fettered right now"

I spent the afternoon fetting peeps.
by Renai September 2, 2012
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a newbie freshman who has no friends in higher ranks and is free for all to call his or her bitch. They have no opinion and do not really matter.
*first day of school*

Renee- *scoffs* Gods look at all the stupid freshmen. *snaps her fingers* FRESHMEAT Get me a soda now!

Freshmeat- but...I don't have any mon..

Renee- *slaps* Did I ask your opinion? No! Now get me my fucking soda

Freshmeat- yes ma'am
by Renai August 22, 2007
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