Poems that are supposed to flow of the tongue; usually used to put someone down but can also be used as a club entry pass. And by the way, Mr. Rogers says hi.
when lil kids stickin rhymes on this website/
writin their shit down, sayin it's tight/
not supposed to use a guide, don't write while u ride/
get Mr. Rogers of 'a u n try again when ur hed rite.

I had to use the word 'freestyle' in a sentence.
by Perfectionist Felons April 21, 2006
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Freestyle: to drive your car eccentrically, who, two, you, foo
freestyle: with style and grace, off the road, in your face, through time and space, with a goose covering second base
by Zachary Van. Zarr January 03, 2015
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A form of songwriting in which the artist creates and/or records lyrics, melody, and structure off the top of their head, without any prior preparation or thought.
Get in the booth and freestyle something for us on this beat.
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by BabySplice January 08, 2020
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The definition of what a freestyle is, has changed over the past decades. Most hip hopheads think that a freestyle should always be off the dome. But that wasn't always the case. In the 80s, a freestyle was a written verse about a random thought. It was basically just a verse free of style.

Taking that in account, a freestyle should be considered as a verse about a random thought, object or subject which can be either written or rapped off the dome.
yo, that freestyle was dope bro
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by Truz0 April 29, 2020
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De definitie van wat een freestyle is, is de afgelopen decennia veranderd. In de de jaren 80, was een freestyle een verse die geschreven is over een willekeurig onderwerp. In de j aren 90 evolueerde die definitie echter naar wat MC's uit de 80s "off the dome rapping" noemden: gewoon rappen wat er in je opkomt.

Tegenwoordig mag de definitie echter als volgt geinterpreteerd worden:

Een freestyle is een verse die geschreven of ter plaatse verzonnen is over een willekeurig onderwerp of thema.
Vette freestyle, man!

Uw freestyle skills zijn verbeterd sinds de laatste keer dat ik je zag.
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by Truz0 April 29, 2020
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To fabricate a story spur of the moment. To make up a lie as you go in that certain moment.
Why did you freestyle to my father when he knows the truth.
by AyrynJaded December 10, 2015
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