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Ken Westerfield (born May 23, 1947, Detroit Michigan) was a prolific, Hall of Fame, Frisbee (disc) player from the 60's and 70's. Westerfield is responsible for producing numerous tournaments, two World Records, many competitive wins in Freestyle and individual events, freestyle moves (body rolls) and competitive formats (pairs freestyle competition), Canadian Open, Toronto, Canada. 1974.
Articles in Wikipedia and FPA (freestyle players association) document the life and history of Ken Westerfield Frisbee pioneer
by Disc Sports July 27, 2012
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Ken Westerfield is a pioneering Frisbee player from the 60's and 70's. Westerfield won numerous competitive events, held several records as well as created freestyle techniques (body rolls) and competitive formats that still exist today (pairs freestyle Frisbee, 1974 Canadian Open, Toronto, Canada)
Awards and achievements

1970-1975 - Voted Best Men's Player, Decade Awards
1970-1975 - Voted Best Freestyle Routine 1974 Canadian Open, Ken Westerfield/Jim Kenner, Decade Awards
1973-1979 - The Canadian Open Frisbee Championships, Toronto (produced and tournament director with Jim Kenner)
1974 - Ken Westerfield and Jim Kenner (CEO and founder of Discraft) introduce and win the first Freestyle Competition at the Canadian Open Frisbee Championships, Toronto. This was the first Freestyle Competition ever
1974-1977 Molson Frisbee Team, performing Frisbee freestyle shows with Jim Kenner at special events and Canadian universities in Ontario
1975 - World MTA Record 15 seconds
1975 - Introduced a freestyle move called body rolls at the AFDO in Rochester, New York
1976-1978 - Winning 15 first place titles in North American Series (NAS) Frisbee Tournaments (Open Division) in Freestyle and individual events.
1978 - World distance record during a distance demonstration at a (NAS) Frisbee Tournament, with a sidearm throw of 552 feet, Boulder, Colorado. This record still stands today for the sidearm throw
1980 - Ken started the Toronto Ultimate League (Club), which was the first Ultimate League in Canada
by Frisbee Freestyle May 01, 2012
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