A sexually-ravenous chick who possesses such an insatiable craving for man-milk that she is never content even if she already has a well-hung and virile male companion; she therefore compulsively scuttles around the neighborhood whenever he's away and begs all the other hot hunks to let her suck them off and swallow their entire warm thick creamy "loads" that had gradually been "accumulating" inside their guy-junk during the day, and that they'd been saving up for their own significant others when they got home; the hapless studs are therefore completely "drained" afterwards, and thus can only manage a minuscule watery dribble sometime later when their own partners return and want a little "action" for themselves.
Health practitioner: I'm always suspicious about some of these otherwise-healthy-looking young dudes' claims that they have erectile dysfunction or low sperm-count due to medical/environmental reasons... I always ask around town to see if there are any freeloaders in the area before I make a final determination.
by QuacksO August 1, 2018
Someone who goes from lover to lover without a break
Dude 1: Did you hear John has a new girfriend?

Dude 2: What? He just had a girlfriend 2 weeks ago! He's such a freeloader!
by fostersikes January 15, 2018
A person who lives with their parents and uses their vehicles while hoarding their own money and claims they are broke. This person usually has Cheeto cheese fingers aka cheese dick
John mertz is a freeloader and a giant sack of shit
by Mbrizzle81 December 17, 2021
All of you
Hym "You all are a bunch of freeloaders! Goddamn freeloading bastards. You'll see. You'll all see!"
by Hym Iam June 12, 2022
Freeloader whore is a person who take advantage by using person who independent and got they own shit. They will pretend to be your lover but used you for your place to stay and money .
by October 4, 2022