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Verb. To overlook. To underestimate. Comes from Ethal Mertz on "I Love Lucy"- a show from the 50s. She was the neighbor who always got overshadowed by Lucille Ball as Lucy. She endured years of struggle, fighting for more recognition and more $$ for her role.
My dog got mertzed at the dog show. OR I mertzed him on purpose... I didn't want to say hi.
by fuckyoubuddy March 27, 2010
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1. a word which can be used in any form (noun, verb, adj. etc.) to describe anything negative.

2. Shit, Filth, dirty: can be used interchangably with any negative word, most commonly replaces shit.

3. PILE O' MERTZ: Pile of shit, mertz of shit, mertz of mertz

use interchangebly with SMERTZ
Fuck, i just stepped in a pile o' mertz!

I gotta go take a huge mertz.

I drank way too much last night and just smertzed all over the place.
by pile'o'smertz March 14, 2007
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