1. a word which can be used in any form (noun, verb, adj. etc.) to describe anything negative.

2. Shit, Filth, dirty: can be used interchangably with any negative word, most commonly replaces shit.

3. PILE O' MERTZ: Pile of shit, mertz of shit, mertz of mertz

use interchangebly with SMERTZ
Fuck, i just stepped in a pile o' mertz!

I gotta go take a huge mertz.

I drank way too much last night and just smertzed all over the place.
by pile'o'smertz March 14, 2007
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Inspired by Fred Mertz on "I Love Lucy," the term "mertzing" refers to the act of wearing one's pants with the waistband pulled up unnaturally high.
Did you see the new technogeek's pants? Not only are they highwaters, but he's mertzing too!
by Trixie Spishak May 24, 2007
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1. Dumb biznich
2. a woman who hides her ignorance behind multiple worthless degrees
3. woman with severe halitosis
4. woman with a husband who has a chode
5. a Nazi professor - No A for you!
1. Dang Debra Mertz is a freakin moron.
2. I think Debra Mertz got all her degrees from 1-800-get-a-degree
3. That girl got breath like Debra Mertz
4. That woman looks like an unsatisfied Debra Mertz.
5. That UOP teacher Debra Mertz is Hitler's duaghter.
by Debra Mertz May 28, 2003
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Look at David Mertz, he's so fine, he reminds me of a young Chris Pratt, mixed with a young James Franco.
by NotRick_Astley January 20, 2018
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a big guy that have curly looking hair and goes to the gym a lot
by hjorth321 February 03, 2017
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