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The act of smoking a drug freebase. "Freebase" refers to the non-salt form of a drug. Drugs are usually converted to a water soluble salt so that they can be orally or intranasally consumed. The term "freebase" has nothing at all to do with the purity or potency of a drug.

For example, cocaine powder is cocaine hydrochloride, a water soluble salt. Being water soluble means that you can snort it, eat it, inject it, or plug it (put it up your ass) and you will get high. However, a cruder form of cocaine is cocaine freebase (i.e. crack), which is not water soluble and therefore cannot bet eaten or snorted. You must smoke it to feel the effects.

It's the same with methamphetamine. Meth freebase is an oily liquid, which your body cannot absorb, so the only way to get high from it is to smoke it. Crystal meth, however, has been converted to a water soluble salt, and can therefore be snorted, injected, etc.

The heat used to smoke freebase drugs generally destroys a large amount of the active drug you are trying to consume, therefore it is NOT an efficient route of administration. However, the high generally has a faster onset, and the physical act of smoking is generally pleasurable, so that's why we have people becoming addicted to crack. The duration from smoking crack is much shorter than the duration from snorting coke, but again, people like smoking things, so people enjoy crack. You'll actually get higher for longer if you snort cocaine hcl vs. smoking crack.
Why are random, drug-naive internet geeks allowed to write blatantly incorrect definitions for the word "freebasing"?
by Getting High March 09, 2009
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the act of smoking a drug that is not in its sault form. (cocaine, meth, dmt). snortable cocaine is in its salt form which means it is linked with HCl. When you freebase it, you neutralize the HCl leaving you with pure cocaine. HCl is said to be the base so you "free" it from the "base"
I freebased some dmt the other day and broke into tryptamine hyperspace.
by Urban Dictionary May 06, 2004
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"freebasing" is typically referring to the act of smoking drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, most likely in a purified/concentrated form known as freebase (an example would be crack form of cocaine)
Apparently it produces an intense high quickly, but the effects typically do not last very long.
She was so stoned that while freebasing she set herself on fire.
by elleeffe July 08, 2006
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Taking cocaine and mixing with water, then placing in a piece of cupped tin foil. You then light a flame under the tin foil piece until smoke emits and inhale through a glass pipe...the high is unparalleled
yo mer be free basing that cocaine like a crack whore
by Alexandra E. Barnes November 14, 2007
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The activity of smoking a specially prepared form of the drug cocaine. The crushed crack cocaine is usually placed in a spoon or a beaker where it is heated by a flame. The user inhales the fumes from the burning cocaine and receives their high from this.
Joe is in the other room free-basing.
by Andrew Bennett May 04, 2004
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method of smoking usualy pure forms of heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, crushed up pills, ect.

this is done by putting your drug of choice (or drugs) on a peice of tin foil or a metal spoon, lighting it from underneath and sucking up the smoke through a straw (rolled up bills work to)

the effects are amazing, but usually short-lived.
freebasing is safer then shooting up if you like heroin or want to try
by joojah January 12, 2008
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A term taken from the drug culture for a spontaneous act for instant gratification. Note: this was a term my wife used without knowing the original true meaning to refer to why she picked up a pecan pie at the super market. She did know the original meaning had something to do with drugs.
When I got home last night I found my girlfriend in the closet freebasing a half gallon of ice cream.

She picked up the pecan pie on the way home because she felt like freebasing.
by don't du it no more October 24, 2009
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