Ethylamine is a primary amine that can be used in chemical synthesis. It can be synthesized by reacting Propanamide with liquid chlorine pool shock 12.5% sodium hypochlorite by the Hofmann rearrangement (wear a gas mask andlab coat and gloves and do the reaction outside or in a fume hood. The chlorine can affect your skin and lungs and eyes). It can also be synthesized by reacting acetaldehyde with excess ammonia aqueous solution and ethanol using an aluminum galinstan amalgam.

Chemical formula
Molar mass
45.085 g/mol
Colourless gas
fishy, ammoniacal
688 kg m−3 (at 15 °C)
Melting point
−85 to −79 °C; −121 to −110 °F; 188 to 194 K
Boiling point
16 to 20 °C; 61 to 68 °F; 289 to 293 K
Solubility in water
I just reacted Propanamide with a 12.5% solution of sodium hypochlorite pool shock and I got ethylamine.
by CognitiveFuel January 4, 2023
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