*American tourist walks into a store to buy a smoothie*
Cashier : That'll be free pounds
American : It's free?
Cashier : No you cunt free pounds, 1-2-free
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by Dolan Trumpet March 09, 2020
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Term that derived from the Roanoke, VA (USA) region in reference to young Black LGBT youth. The word "FREE" is an alternative word for the terms "gay/lesbian".
Many within Black America find the words "gay/lesbian" to be a played out term; therefore they have invented their own definition to describe their diverse lifestyle, calling it FREE, FREE Community, and FREE World.
My friend Lumar is exploring a FREE lifestyle.
by Andre D. Tucker/ Dareous Davis September 10, 2008
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A feeling when you have not one care in the world
I’m living my own life.. I’m free.
by pc1245 August 22, 2018
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Yo fuckin dumb ass don’t kno wat free mean
Me: aye mane, free glocc
Friend: wat dat mean
Me: yo fuckin dumb ass, go in da house.
by TTG4Ljha December 27, 2019
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A person who is sweeter than sugar, and hot as hell, he makes his girl love every moment when she’s with him, he makes her have a reason to live, she can’t ever wait to hang out with him, and he is loved by many and everyone likes him
by Rilesbuckleena November 21, 2018
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