When a person has more than one personallity and you refer to it as there "atman"
person b: and there's your atman
by annaxx April 19, 2015
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Metal Atman is a sci-fi theory created and developed by Matthew Donzelle Robinson: implanting at least the core of the initial human brain of an individual into an advance artificial human body that respectively resembles that individual's initial body if not identical. Keeping the brain categorizes them as human(cyborg), and because of their advance new body, they're super human.
Oscar: Isn't a Metal Atman the same as a cyborg?

Zel: Somewhat, but the only thing human a Metal Atman has is primarily their brain.
by Original___Don June 13, 2019
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Atman is best defined as being socially introverted. He cherishes family and friends and loves nature.

He looks for depth and meaning in his relationships, preferring not to settle for a match that’s founded on anything less than true love. He tends to be in touch with his core values, so he cares about compatibility as well as surface-level attraction. This can help him avoid matches that aren’t founded on authenticity or shared principles.

Once he finds a suitable relationship, he rarely takes it for granted. Instead, he tends to look for ways to grow as an individual and strengthen his connection with his partner. This can help Atman's relationships reach a level of depth and sincerity of which many people can only dream. He craves an emotional and even spiritual connection with his partner. He cherishes not just the act of being in a relationship but also what it means to become one with another person in mind, body, and soul.

Because Atman has high standards for himself, he also has high standards for his friendships. he wants to feel compatible with his friends on a deep level. In addition, he generally wants to surround himself with people who will inspire him to grow and improve. Atman doesn’t just want to have fun with his friends – he also wants to learn new things, make new discoveries, and deepen his bonds.
What an Atman he is! He is not into open relationships
by Atman.Nomad April 21, 2021
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