5 definitions by Cimmy Mae

Sumone or sumthing that can't be tamed; a Cimarron; another term for liberty...
That girl is sooo free! no one can crush her spirit!! she's such a free-spirit!!!
by Cimmy Mae May 11, 2008
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Someone who cannot be tamed; Untame; Stubborn...
That girl is SOOOOO Free-Spirited!!!!..she can't be tamed by anybody!!!
by Cimmy Mae May 6, 2008
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Hot Tempered; Someone w/ a hot temper; A HotHead; Tempermental; HotHeaded; Sometimes considered a mean person...
Wow! that guy's a Hot-Blooded Hothead!!!
by Cimmy Mae May 6, 2008
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It is the Cheyenne word for "Wild"...Although, if it's a person's name, it means "Wild One"....it can also be used to describe someone that has a VERY free spirit & cannot & will not be tamed by anyone; Free-Spirited....Also, someone who's completely different from everyone else; beyond the norm intelectually, artistically, socially, and/or in mindset...A Cimarron can also be someone who moves from place to place freely and willingly, without being forced to do so, also considered a "Maverick"....also someone who fights back, mostly about what he/she believes in or thinks is right; sometimes considered a Fighter.
That girl is a total Cimarron. She's completely free in spirit!...NO ONE can tell her who to be or what to do!
by Cimmy Mae April 30, 2008
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Someone that's wild & free, & that can say what he/she wants to say without a care in the world...Also, someone whose angry words sting like fire...In some cases, can be considered a Cimarron....also, considered strong emotionally & spiritually...Someone who you don't want to be on the bad side of...someone whose angry words are like fiery ice...Fiery
That girl is a total Spitfire!!...Her words sting like fiery ice!...Don't ever get on her bad side!
by Cimmy Mae May 4, 2008
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