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The same annoying word you always see on Urban Dictionary that never fucking goes away.
Oh my fucking God, this was the word of the day 3 fucking days ago! Why the fuck is it still on here!?
by GoatLord666 July 15, 2020

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Being banned from a social media platform, such as Instagram, in a way that you're content is invisible to everyone else, and therefore you barely get any views or likes. This is because they're too pussy to let you know you're being banned.
It usually happens for no reason at all and there's nothing you can do about it except wait for a couple of days.
Goddamn it I can't believe I got shadowbanned on Instagram! What a bunch of pussies. Remove the shadowban!!
by GoatLord666 July 18, 2020

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Proof that God is dead.
2020 is the worst year ever! There's been wildfires, pandemics, war, rioting and more! I am pretty convinced that there is no God.
by GoatLord666 June 03, 2020

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What happens when you talk shit to the wrong person behind their back and make death threats.
Euronymous: "I'm going to fucking kill Varg. I'm gonna tase him, drag him out to the woods, torture him and film the whole thing"

Euronymous later on: *gets stabbed 23 times by Varg for making death threats
by GoatLord666 March 21, 2021

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How British people pronounce 'stupid'
Don't be stewpid mate
by GoatLord666 July 17, 2020

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A Christian extremist idiot who's well known for making Christian comic strips that depict anyone he doesn't agree with going to hell (including atheists, Muslims, Catholics, gays, Jehovah's Witnesses, rock n roll fans, people who celebrate halloween, alcoholics, etc.)
Most of his comics that bash people or different religions are very innacurate to how they actually are and just makes up things about them.
I'm Jack Chicks and you're all gonna burn in hell unless you're a straight, protestant Christian that I agree with.
by GoatLord666 July 15, 2020

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An excuse used by Christians to justify God allowing evil and suffering to innocent people. Christians usually use this excuse when they don't have a better argument.
Atheist: How can an all good and loving God allow so many horrible things to happen like cancer, rape, murder, or the Holocaust?

Christian: Hey, God didn't do any of those things pal! He gave us all free will!

Atheist: But if God is all knowing, that means he created us with full knowledge that we will do horrible things. So doesn't that mean we DON'T have free will?

Christian: I... Uh... Um... Hey! Don't question God's infinite plan! Our human simple minds could never comprehend God's intensions!

Atheist: 😑
by GoatLord666 February 10, 2020

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