Young intelligent balck woman and the current host of Bet's 106th& park
by Taji March 08, 2004
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The equivalent of zero dollars.

An ideal price for broke college students.
"the guy on main street is handing out free pencils again"
by gimme the money April 16, 2016
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The indescribable state every vibrating being strives for.
"I just want to be fucking free yo; be ME."
"Hey hey...did you meet Free? aMaZiNG woman who (occasionally) underestimates her strengths (e.g. talents, beauty). Undoubtedly the embodiment of her chosen name...Defin one of my fav heroes."
by Simply Meeeeeeeeeeeee April 23, 2006
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the things you don't pay for that generally carry fees for other customers or with other businesses.
Salesperson- 'how may I help you today?'
SaleSaver- 'I want to order your cable service. What are the hidden fees, and what are my frees?'
by MikeChicago August 09, 2010
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i can do any fucking thing i want to and no one can do anything about it.
by wayne June 01, 2004
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Free Is usually used to talk about a party that is open for anyone that knows about it
"Yo there is this huge ass free in the Bronx this weekend, you wanna go?"
by AdultishGambino July 19, 2017
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