5 definitions by Andrew M.

A favorite theme word of online and television advertisements. The basic idea in these ads is to flash the word "FREE" infront of your face, in the boldest and largest letters possible. Just to lure you into a hidden cost. The amazing part of this, is that many people actually fall for it.
1. Get a FREE piece of cake with your PURCHASE of any meal!
2. FREE SHIT!! FREE SHIT!! (After you BUY some shit first..)
3. Hey man! I thought you said it was FREE!?
4. No product advertised online or on TV as FREE! is ever truly..free. NOT EVER.
by Andrew M. July 08, 2005
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AOL Speak for "friends." rack this word up with all the other positively awful words commonly spotted on AOL homepages such as wordlolz/word.
"Yo I jus wanna give a shoutout to mah frenz elonzo, kentucky waterfall, and texas mudflap! lolz!"
by Andrew M. August 15, 2003
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A strain of marijuana grown in Louisiana that got its name because of the chocolate-like taste and smoke color.
That blunt we just smoked was a mixture of indigo red and louisiana chocolate dude!
by Andrew M. October 27, 2003
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A four-piece punk rock band. Not to be confused with wordghb/word.
by Andrew M. August 27, 2003
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A cheap food consisting of dried noodles and an artificial flavoring packet. Top Ramen is known for being the stock-up food of choice in poor families because of it's value. It's flavors include but are not limited to: Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, and Oriental. Some of these flavors taste better than others, and some of the new flavors are simply horrid. Top Ramen will forever remain infamous!
1. "Look over there, The Chavez Family is buying Top Ramen again."

2. "Top Ramen is a great value Bob, but it sure does taste like shit!"

3: "Yes Ron, you are right..Top Ramen sucks..unless you're POOR!"
by Andrew M. September 22, 2005
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