Hot, sexy, and a fine black woman from the show 106 & park
Her looks explains it all
by Toni Backstab June 24, 2003
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The only word needed to make something delicious.
"Hey, how's the pizza? It was free."
"It's the most amazing slice i've ever known."
by Ambilyn April 15, 2012
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Meaning you’re not dating someone right now and are free
Girl:hey do you have a girlfriend

Me:no I’m free
by Nontaken July 18, 2020
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Sumone or sumthing that can't be tamed; a Cimarron; another term for liberty...
That girl is sooo free! no one can crush her spirit!! she's such a free-spirit!!!
by Cimmy Mae May 10, 2008
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A mirage that doesn't exist and ALWAYS surprises its victims with hidden strings attached.
GUSMAN: "Hey Charles, Tyna... come over to our office for FREE lunch"

CHARLES & TYNA: "Are you sure..Just a simple free lunch, no catch??"

GUSMAN: "Ya guys, come save your money, FREE tacos and sliders and shit"

CHARLES: "Cool on the way ...yesss"

---Charles proceeds to ride his SUPER EUROPEAN BIKE along side Tyna walking over to Gusman's office in 110 degree weather....only to find that they have walked into a room of 50 people (awkward) sitting in a 2 hour open ended Q&A session with a bunch of other douchebags (whilst lunch gets cold on table...)"----

CHARLES: SHEEEIIT GUSMAN, WTF, I woulda bought chipotle if I knew this was the deal...Sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiiittttt.

TYNA: FUCKING GUSMAN, I have the world's smallest stomach and I almost died of starvation...your such a fucking Charles sometimes.
by bessie123 August 15, 2011
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