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Awhen circumstances allow for an action without consequence due to an ignorance of a one or more parties
Rachel's mom wants me to go with her daughter to their beach house alone because she wants her to meet a good guy. I'm the most dangerous man in the world with a free play.
by Flavors970 February 12, 2017
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Remember when you were five and asked your mom for free play?
Basicly you do what you want and play ie: swings, various forms of tag, chase, hide and seek, big booty (the game), bubbles, duck duck goose, red rover, red light green light, four square, backwards tag, kick the can, heads up seven up, parachute, and popcorn.
Free play is usally followed by nap time.
student 1: hey lets go have free play

student 2: free play, i love free play whoooo!!

(after free play)

student 1: man I could use some nap time
by Oscar J. Narro May 05, 2007
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When a girl is pregnant, so you can cum inside without penalty... she is on freeplay
I love pregnant women, because they are on freeplay.
by AnginMech July 25, 2008
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when a gul lets you fell on her
the gul said i couldn't but i could get some freeplay.
by Dino August 07, 2003
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