Nooby is a term usually used in video games to describe something a "noob" would do such as a tactic, strategy, or a weapon.
In Team Fortress 2 the pyro is a nooby class considering the fact it's easy to play and a noob would most likely use it.

Killing your team is pretty nooby
by SteamSainT June 16, 2010
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A person who is new at playing an online game and/or is bad at it.
also see noob,nub,nublet,nooblet,/\/00|3
gamer a:WTF you are soo stupid you use an AWP.
gamer b:Shut up you noob
by fallen hand of god November 23, 2004
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One who is new at performing an action.
sp0rk is a noobie at worddick gob/word
by H3X April 9, 2003
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Derived from infantry slang, Vietnam war era.
Originaly "new meat" and refered to new troops fresh to the field. Sometimes shortened to "noo bee".
"Short timers"(those ready to head back Stateside) and "two digit midgets" (under 100 days left)considered them dangerous or a jinx.
Stay off the noobie, he's gonna go home early.

The noobie was fixing to dee-dee-mao when that shit hit.
by stonehouse October 16, 2007
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Nooby is a word that you say to a person that is actually trash at a game
by kool kid dude kid man February 22, 2019
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One who is inevitably, without a doubt, a noob in all situations.
Kye cannot even handle it. He is pure noobiness.
by Prothesis October 1, 2014
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the crumbs that are left over at the bottom of a bag of chips
"hey, are you going to eat those noobies?
by dirtydanny January 13, 2009
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