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A person who practices polyamory in a way that tends to separate, compartmentalize, or isolate all of his or her romantic relationships from one another, treating each as a separate entity. A free agent often presents himself or herself as "single" or behaves in ways which are typically associated with the behavior of a single person even when he or she has romantic partners, and often does not consider the potential impact of new relationships upon existing relationships when deciding whether or not to pursue those new relationships.

Commentary: Some believe there are not necessarily two distinct styles of polyamory, those of Free Agent and Family-Oriented. But rather there is a continuum with Free Agent on one end and Family-Oriented on the other. Most people fall somewhere in the middle to one side or the other, with extreme examples of Free Agent resembling casual sex partners or friends with benefits where the partners have no contact and possibly even no knowledge of each other (but an acknowledgement of an open relationship or no sexual committment); and extreme examples of Family-Oriented resembling Polyfidelitous relationships where any new partner of anyone in the Polyfidelitous group automatically has an equal relationship with all other members of the group. Some people are capable of having relationships of varying degrees of emotional intimacy and may slide along the continuum at different times with different relationships.
John is dating Sally and Suzy, but Sally and Suzy have not met and do not know each other and John does not consult Sally or Suzy when deciding to take on more partners. John is a Free Agent
by Joreth April 08, 2010
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A guy that isn't tied to a single woman. Someone with no attachments.
Friend: Yo, that girl is checking you out.
You: Alright dog, I'ma go over there and let her know I'ma free agent.


Mom: When are you getting married?
You: I'ma free agent.
by hakuma April 11, 2004
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Sports/ Dating lingo. Refers to the offseason in sports in which players are looking for a team to sign their talents to a minimum/ maximum contract. Minimum contract = Short Term , Maximum contract = Long Term

The girl/guy has just gotten out of a relationship or never been in a relationship. The individual is willingly looking to be in a relationship. Currently testing "the market"
Chad: "Hey bro, do you know the status on Emily? I just saw she changed her status on FB to, 'it's complicated' "

Mike: "My dude, I don't think she updated it because she personally told me she broke up with Alex, and that she is going MIA from FB. But as of right now, I know she's a freeagent."
by Saucey Wave August 04, 2018
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One being single (guy or girl)
Yo check to see if dat gurl dur is a free agent.
by Gil June 27, 2004
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Q1Graham been seen with **** is that his girl?
A1 No sir, Graham is a Free Agent
by A.K.A. January 31, 2005
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Someone who does not have a core group of friends and ends up jumping from group to group.
Billy has no friends, maybe thats why he's becoming a free agent.
by Brennan123 August 08, 2006
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