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Literally, meta = with; about + amor = love. The partner of one's partner, with whom one does not share a direct sexual or loving relationship
by Joreth April 9, 2010
The slang term for a chain of fast-food restaurants called Chik-Fil-A. Usually used in a derogatory term to refer to their strongly Christian policies (being closed on Sundays explicitly for their employees to attend church), anti-gay policies and extremely large financial contributions to anti-gay-rights bills and amendments, both of which stem from the owners' interpretations of their denomination of the Christian bible.
I'm hungry, wanna go get some Jesus Chicken?
by Joreth June 3, 2011
The point at which the thought of another relationship, or another hobby, leaves one feeling more exhausted than excited.
I've reached the polysaturation point! I have a job, two boyfriends, and a photography hobby, and the idea of one more thing to do makes me tired just thinking about it!
by Joreth April 9, 2010
Taken from the tales of King Aurther and his knight, Percival, this refers to a person or couple who is searching for the "holy grail", the "unicorn", the HBB.

Percival did locate the Grail at one time, but, being too immature and failing to ask the proper question, he failed in attaining the Grail and he must grow spiritually and mentally before he could locate it again.

Percival is described in some places as "the least worldly and the least groomed of all the knights", having been raised in the woods away from society, and "extremely pious but somewhat naive".

This is analogous to a couple who is new to polyamory and, lacking sufficient role models in alternative relationships and lacking the experience themselves to understand the complex nature of multi-partner relationships, the couple believes, rather naively, that the way to circumvent jealousy, possession, or feeling "left out", is to find one person to share equally.

The rationale is that one partner cannot get jealous if he or she gets to do all the same things at the same time with the new partner as the existing partner. This does not refer to triads that just happen to spring up because the relationship between all involved was most compatible in a triad relationship. This is specifically for existing dyads seeking the Hot Bi Babe to "complete" their family and perhaps solve any underlying issues along the way.
That skeevy couple over there hitting on all the young females trying to find a Hot Bi Babe for their threesome is just Percivalian
by Joreth April 9, 2010
(Other Significant Other)

1. A partner's other partner; metamour.

2. A person's partner, sometimes but not always a non-primary or non-spouse partner
This is Bob, my SO, and this is John, my OSO

This is Bob, my husband, and this is Jill, his OSO
by Joreth April 9, 2010
Derogatory. An individual or couple seeking a unicorn or HBB. Different from a person who is merely attracted to bisexual poly people. Refers to someone who is seeking "that special third to complete" their family. They often believe a bisexual third partner will prevent jealous feelings on the part of either of the original members of the dyad because of the mistaken assumption that one will not get jealous if one gets to do all the same things as the other and no one ever experiences anything apart from the other half of the primary couple.

This type of couple expects their hypothetical future partner to be single or willing to give up any existing and future partners, to love & have sex with both members of the original dyad equally, and for each member of the existing dyad to reciprocate exactly an equal level of love and sexual attraction for the new person.

This type of couple will not consider any kind of relationship with a male, with someone who is only sexually attracted to one of the original dyad members, with someone who is already partnered, & usually promises to break up with the new person for the sake of "protecting" the existing dyad, leaving the unfortunate third partner feeling disposable. Sometimes the unicorn is expected to not develop any emotional attachment and is strictly there for a sexual relationship (equally distributed to both members of the dyad) and/or is prescripted as a secondary.
John is so insecure about sharing his wife with another person, that he thinks he won't ever feel jealous as long as his wife never does anything with anyone else without him also participating so he's looking for a hot bi babe that'll be willing to share them both equally and not make any waves. He's such a unicorn hunter!
by Joreth April 9, 2010
The Platinum Rule far predates the How I Met Your Mother episode of the same name. It is similar to the Golden Rule, but more considerate.

It states "Do unto others as they would have you do unto them, not as you would have them do unto you."

The Golden Rule is to treat others as you want to be treated, but the Platinum Rule understands and accommodates for the fact that not everyone wants to be treated the same way. It says that we should treat people how they want to be treated, regardless of how we might personally want to be treated in similar situations.

The Platinum Rule is a much more empathetic, sensitive moral guideline than its predecessor, the Golden Rule, which ignores the wishes and preferences of the recipients of the behaviour in favor of imposing the giver's preferences onto others in a misguided attempt at kindness.
I like having doors held open for me, but Jane prefers to open her own doors. Instead of insisting that she shut up and let me open her doors, I abide by the Platinum Rule, and I let her open her own doors when she wants to.
by Joreth November 1, 2011