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Someone who thinks their emo but, in truth, is a complete wannabe emo poser. Always wears jeans and black shirts and listens to bands that aren't actually emo such as Green Day. Calls everybody else posers and tells people to "leave emo to the emo kids". Hangs out with people from other towns because no one in her own likes them and is only in 8th grade. Knows all the words to songs such as Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" and Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone".
That emo child was going on about how she was the only emo kid in the whole school when there really are none.
by Candy March 28, 2005
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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An emo child is not a newb. Nor are they faggots or bitches. They already have lifes, the people who write shit about them dont. They listen to music that is like angels singing in their ears, like Green Day or My Chemical Romance. Their black clothing and band shirts are worn maybe because they are NICE CLOTHING or LOOK GOOD. Ever thought of that?? its preference of clothing. Same as a teacher wearing a suit to school, or a man wearing a tie to work. Emos like to wear black. They are deeper and smarter than the people who criticize them, and would suprise the world if it would only listen and stop looking at their eyeliner and clothing.
That emo child lives their own life, their own way while others, hating theirs, choose to make fun of them and call them names.
by *sebastian** January 22, 2007
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Usually found in suberban areas and public or private schools. Listens to bands such as "My Chemical Romance","Green Day","Dashbord Confessionals" ect...
Can usualy be located alone or in groups of 3 in certain locations such as the school cafeteria or some their own bed room. Most war a black hoodie jacket, black shirts with the name of his/her favorite band and a pair of jeans and skater shoes such as VANS or "chucks". Emo males tend to wear eyeliner and have hair that is long enough to go over one of their eyes and still be half assed spiked and he usualy tends to have more mood swings than an emo girl even when the emo girl is on her period. The Female Emo child tends to have short hair that goes to the shoulders or just enought to cover her ears (sometimes shorter) and usualy has the bangs longer than the rest of her hair and flat ironed to wrap around one side of her face. Emo children tend to be bisexual both males and females. An emo child will usualy spell out their wors or scren names LikE ThIs or l1k3 t.h.i.s. and put x's around their name xX. like so .Xx
Emo boys tend to be called faggots or dumbasses and emo girls tend to be known as dumb bitches or "that one loser chick". Some Emo children tend to draw or make up their own lame songs that are usualy acompanied by some kind of gay ass acoustic guitar riff that is rythemless and out of tune. If an emo child doesn't have the talent for either of these then he/she usualy turns to self mutalation such as slitting his/her wrist with a sharp object or just injuring themselves somehow.
That emo child needs to get a life.
by kitkat^_- May 10, 2006
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A human creation from someone's depressed imagination. This differs from an imaginary friend because these are commonly used as: an excuse to masturbate, a way to get sympathy over the Internet, and a way to prove emoness.
putz: I love Amber so much, but she doesn't love me back. She sees me as a friend. I'm afraid to tell her, because she might never want to talk to me again. Sometimes I cry about the situation. I actually cry myself to sleep about it a lot.
r00723r0: I think you have an emochild. Call the suicide hotline before it's too late.
by r00723r0 September 25, 2006
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Ussually a girl pants wearing, ringleader of shannanigans. Has a scraggle of a beard, and stares into ones soul, usually screaming loudly. Often known for their leprechaun voice, and nicknames. Loves all types of music, even the ones he calls shitty. Plays the symbols like a monkey.
Whos that emo child?
Is he really wearing girl pants too?
O shit thats E.J. Ansello!
by SKEET AND GREET April 30, 2008
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emo child is a person who crys abouyt evrything. But we are talking about arun he is a sheep who will change for anyone what a pussy. he not only uses arrow keys but he wall haxx. What a fucking newb.
they are the same thing
by HAHAHAHAHA HAXXXX March 17, 2005
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