Engineering frosh group leader. Invovles painting themselves purple (completely purple) with gentian and slamming a four hundred dollar jacket on the ground while screaming, "you're never going to be a year frosh, you're never going to climb the pole, you're never going to pass 112"
by C October 20, 2003
A supreme being of god like characteristics existing only at the greatest place in the world, Queen's University.
Eng cuts, gentian, pain chains, kilts, mirrored aviators, clark hall.
Can demolish forty beers.
A froshies worst nightmare. Hardcore motherfuckers who will pound you to the ground.
Sizzle like bacon frosh.
You will never climb the pole frosh.
You will never be a year frosh.
You will never ever pass 112 frosh.
Drink beer, bleed gentian.

A lame, lame, lame artsci: I am so incredibly pathetic compared to those frecs. I just don't feel S-U-P-E-R when i'm around frecs.
by alex8597302846 January 26, 2008
Frec should give all of his money to Foxflight
by fox June 12, 2003
A guy who can't correctly pronounce 30.
Man did you hear that Frec? He said WOLOLAAAAA, wtf is that man, its WOLOLOOOOO!
by Weasel September 14, 2003
they are not made nuts, they are actually made fruits and those are the seeds of the fruits.
Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, and frecs are not all nuts.
by bigdaddyyourmom October 13, 2020