1. Someone at the Arts and Science Programme at McMaster University.

2. Refers to a very small sub-population within a large community or group who all know eachother.

3. People who do not need sleep to complete heavy assignments, especially 30 page inquiry papers.

4. People with higher intellectual capacity than say, the engineers or much better liked than the healthscis.

5. A closet keener (most of the time).

6. Someone who goes into university not knowing what they want to do. Finish their bachelor's degree and is even more lost.
Look at that artsci go, he's probably late to inquiry.

This is Spartsci.
by sassquatch March 30, 2009
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Someone following the Arts & Sciences at the University of Toronto. Someone definitely above the mental capacity of Engineers simply because the ArtSci ability to stay away from any form of masochism/self-mutilation/engineering.

ArtSci's enjoy sunlight and social interaction, that is why they choose to abstain from the Engineering programs.

ArtSci's are what make the world work, not engineers who build bridges for the ArtSci's to walk upon, or who build skyscrapers for ArtSci's to be CEO's of on the top floor penthouse.
"Jim is an ArtSci - he's so creative, I want to have sex with him"

"All ArtSci's know that 50% of Engineers fail anyway"
by stifados November 2, 2006
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people who can't choose between arts or science at McMaster. Hardly considered a faculty. Degree does not seem real life applicable.
"That artsci needs to make up their mind."
"Wheres my burrito artsci!"
by CumB December 9, 2012
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